Shirts4Mike is an online t-shirt shop by Mike the Frog. Mike wanted me to look at his website for him to see where it could be improved. I was responsible for analyzing, critiquing, and deciding what improvements should be made.

Date: February 2019

Role: UX Designer

Course: UX Design Techdegree @ Treehouse

Shirts4Mike Logo

Shirts4Mike Logo

The Users

Mike's users were teenagers and adults who enjoyed wearing casual, graphic t-shirts. They appreciated apparel that looked fun, whimsical, and playful. To gain an overall perspective of my user, I created an empathy map of a young adult named Friendly Phil. In the map, I described what Phil says, does, thinks, and feels.

The Critique

I divided this website critique into two categories. Description and Interpretation. For description, I analyzed the site visually and described its design elements. This included color, shape, balance, organization, and content groupings. For interpretation, I interpreted the website's purpose, its success, and its strengths and weaknesses.

The Home page.

The Home page.

The Shirts page.

The Shirts page.

The Verdict

Mike's site seemed to accomplish its purpose. To sell t-shirts. The design was straightforward and easy to use. But, I knew we could do better.

For instance, the shirts page needed to give users confidence by including more information about the shirt. What are the dimensions of the shirt? What material is it made out of? Are there any other colors?

Also, I suggested "de-emphasizing" elements like the logo since it takes a considerable amount of visual weight compared to the elements around it.

The Shirt Detail page.

The Shirt Detail page.

The Outcome

This project kick started my journey into reviewing the work of others. I learned how to get in the mindset of my users to see how they see and feel what they feel. I also gained the ability to speak and use design language to convey my ideas.

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