Instant Pet Finder

Instant Pet Finder is a company helping thousands of sheltered pets find a new home through adoption. Their new website needed an online form to encourage users to sign up for emails about adoptable pets in their area. With a new understanding of UX patterns, I learned how to design a form centered on users and explain why my decisions worked.

Date: March 2019

Role: UX Designer

Course: UX Design Techdegree @ Treehouse

A sneak peek of the design for Instant Pet Finder's website form and website.

A sneak peek of the design for Instant Pet Finder's website and website form.

The stakeholders and users

The stakeholders from this company weren't immediately apparent. Because the client was fictitious, it was my job to find out who would reasonably be part of this group. With some research, I came up with a list of people who would most likely be considered a stakeholder.

• Founder of Instant Pet Finder
• CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
• Members of the Fundraising Committee
• Pet adopters who will use the website.

For this project, I decided that my audience would consist of both male and female adults (18+) who are interested in adopting a pet. These adopters would have a stable income to provide for their pet. Interests include animal safety and other rescue organizations.

The Form's Design

To design a form that's easy to complete, two types of UX patterns were used. UI patterns and Persuasive patterns. UI Patterns are visual solutions to common interface problems. Persuasive, on the other hand, are solutions focusing on the user's behavior. The diagram below explains some of the patterns used in the form.

A diagram of the form.

A diagram of the form.

All of these patterns were implemented to help the user complete the form easily by eliminating common obstacles they might face. Other patterns were also applied to the form and signup page such as "Real-Time Validation" and "Forgiving Format". To optimize the user experience, both the form and the page were designed for mobile and desktop devices.

Mobile and desktop versions of the signup page.

Mobile and desktop versions of the signup page.

The Outcome

UX patterns are a glimpse into understanding how humans interact with technology. I learned about specific interface obstacles commonly faced by users. I also studied behavioral patterns. Ones that ease the process of interacting with a digital product. It was fascinating to see how design worked behind the scenes. Moving forward, I yearn to learn more about what other patterns lie in plain sight.

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