Hunger No More

World hunger is one of humanity's longest enduring struggles, and fighting against it is no easy task. There's an enormous amount of planning and action involved that demands continuous effort from the ones who are not affected. But before anyone can wage war against this plague, one first needs to become aware of the situation.

Hunger No More is a charity focused on spreading that awareness and they asked me to help create custom content for their website's home page by developing their brand's personality.

Date: June 2019

Role: UX Designer

Course: UX Design Techdegree @ Treehouse

Logo Concept for Hunger No More

Logo Concept for Hunger No More.

The Users

To reach a wide audience, our users included people who were: 

• Ages 18 years and older
• Lived in the United States
• Shared humanitarian values such as compassion and love
• Interested in helping others

Developing The Personality

Knowing your personality is one thing, but understanding another's and speaking it accurately is a different story. The first step into defining Hunger No More's personality was understanding who they were as a charity, what values they embraced, and what mission they were seeking to accomplish. Once I had a solid grasp of this, a personality table helped zero in on characteristics that resonated with them.

The personality table I used to shape Hunger No More's personality.

The personality table I used to shape Hunger No More's personality.

The values Hunger No More stand for.

The values Hunger No More stands for.

Inspired by the mentality of a soldier, the personality was defined by courage, bravery, and fierce determination. Critical behaviors needed to stand a chance against a powerful enemy. An enemy like world hunger. Accompanying that soldier-like spirit are qualities such as respect, honesty, and inclusiveness.

An army soldier was used as inspiration for Hunger No More's personality.

An army soldier was used as inspiration for Hunger No More's personality.

Creating The Content

My client provided a wireframe to establish what type of content would be used on the home page. It was broken down into 3 types. Descriptive, Transparent, and Inspirational.

Descriptive content provided a description of the charity's purpose. In this case, their role and mission in society. Transparent content sheds light on certain processes and statistics within the organization to encourage trust. Inspirational, as the name implies, motivates and inspires our audience to take action by stirring their imagination of what the future could look like.

The wireframe of the home page.

The wireframe of the home page.

We wanted our users to become aware and motivated to join the fight. Research planted the foundation to creating content that would help us reach our goal. I explored topics like the causes of world hunger, statistics on the issue, and programs organizations can develop to tackle the problem.

Once the content was written, I pushed the personality further in a medium fidelity wireframe through typography, logo design, and subtle graphics. In the end, we were left with a unique story of one organization's mission to change the world.

The final design for the home page.

The final design for the home page.

The Outcome

What an exciting project. Getting the chance to design for a cause that's close to me is exhilarating. Calling this a class assignment would be an understatement. It was more than that. It was an opportunity to empathize with suffering we often don't see, and to drive a force for a better change. Isn't it amazing to know that design has the potential and power to shape what our future could be?

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